lava.lib.dnf.connect.connect.connect(src_op, dst_ip, ops=None)

Creates and returns a Connections Process <conn> and connects the source OutPort <src_op> to the InPort of <conn> and the OutPort of <conn> to the InPort of <dst_ip>.

The connectivity is generated from a list of operation objects <ops>. Each operation generates a dense connectivity matrix based on its parameters. These matrices are multiplied into a single connectivity matrix, which is then used to generate a Connections Process between source and destination.

  • src_op (OutPort) – OutPort of the source Process that will be connected

  • dst_ip (InPort) – InPort of the destination Process that will be connected

  • ops (list(AbstractOperation), optional) – list of operations that describes how the connection between <src_op> and <dst_ip> will be created


connections – process containing the connections between <src_op> and <dst_ip>

Return type



Inheritance diagram of lava.lib.dnf.connect.exceptions
exception lava.lib.dnf.connect.exceptions.MisconfiguredConnectError(msg=None)

Bases: Exception

Exception that is raised when the connection function is misconfigured with a wrong combination of operations.


msgstr (optional)

custom exception message that overwrites the default